150W DC-DC Step up (Boost) Converter

Rs 500.00

18650 Li-ion Battery

Rs 330.00

18650 Li-ion Battery Holder

Rs 80.00

18650 Li-ion Battery Holder 2 Way

Rs 100.00

18650 Li-ion Battery Holder Vertical

Rs 20.00

18650 Li-ion Battery V2

Rs 1,100.00

18650 Lithium Battery Charger 1S

Rs 290.00

18650 Lithium Battery Charger 2S

Rs 690.00

3.3V Power Supply Module AMS117

Rs 100.00

300W 9A Step Down Buck Converter

Rs 1,200.00

5V 500mA Power Module DC-DC Boost Converter

Rs 290.00

5V 600MA USB Output charger step up Power Module

Rs 150.00

5V MAX 600MA Wireless Charging Charger Module

Rs 3,500.00

5V USB Output charger step down Power Module

Rs 220.00

9V Battery

Rs 60.00

9V/12V/24V to 5V DC-DC step-down USB car charger 3A output

Rs 350.00

AA Battery 2 Pcs

Rs 40.00

AC-DC 12V 1A SMPS Open

Rs 300.00

AC-DC 12V 1A SMPS Power Adapter

Rs 580.00

AC-DC 12V 2A 4mm SMPS Power Adapter

Rs 730.00

AC-DC 12V 2A SMPS Metal Casing

Rs 560.00

AC-DC 12V 2A SMPS Open

Rs 400.00

AC-DC 12V 2A SMPS Power Adapter

Rs 680.00

AC-DC 12V 3A SMPS Metal Casing

Rs 650.00
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