3RCA to 3RCA Cable

Rs 100.00

DC Power Adapter Board

Rs 60.00

FT232RL USB to TTL Converter

Rs 550.00

HDMI Cable Flat 5M

Rs 990.00

HDMI To AV Converter

Rs 1,800.00

HDMI to VGA Adapter

Rs 950.00

HX711 Load Cell Amplifier

Rs 190.00

MAX485 RS-485 to TTL module

Rs 120.00

Micro USB Cable

Rs 150.00

Micro USB to DIP Converter Module

Rs 50.00

Mini RS232 to TTL level converter Module

Rs 290.00

Mini USB Cable

Rs 150.00

PICKIT3 Programmer

Rs 3,500.00

PL2303 USB to Serial (TTL) Module

Rs 180.00

RS232 Serial Port To TTL Converter Module

Rs 250.00

USB Female to Female Cable

Rs 150.00

USB Hub Reader

Rs 400.00

USB Male to Male Cable

Rs 150.00

USB to ESP8266 WIFI module adapter board

Rs 250.00

USB to Printer(Type B) Cable

Rs 250.00

USB to RS485 Converter Adapter

Rs 250.00
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